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World Championship 2015: Josefine de Roepstorff shoots normally in the Longbow Division. However, this year, in order for Denmark to field a women’s team, Josefine will be shooting in the Instinctive Bow Division at the World Champonships in Italy.


Josefine has had a lifelong passion for archery. For several years, studies and recovery from a traffic accident put her practice on standby, but in 2008 she seriously set to work on practising the longbow. Josefine is deeply committed to her sport. Concurrent with her archery practice, Josefine has completed World Archery Denmark’s coach course Trin I and has instructed children, adults, and school classes in archery, given talks on her experience as an elite archer, and been active in her club and association.

“As an archer, I find it exciting and challenging continuously to experiment with my technique in order to improve my performance. First and foremost, archery requires a strong and disciplined practice regime, but this part of the training also appeals to me. It is an exercise in composure and mindfulness and counterbalances our busy modern lives.

From the start, my primary passions have been 3D archery and non-sight archery. 3D archery offers variation and endless challenge of estimating distance. Outdoors, it offers wonderful nature experiences, and it is a pleasant activity to spend time with others across age, gender, and types of bows.”

After seven years of shooting the longbow, in the summer of 2015, Josefine started shooting recurve in the Women Instinctive division.

In 2012 and as part of the first Danish national 3D women’s team, she participated in the European 3D Championship in Croatia and ended on a fourth place. At the World 3D Championship in Italy in 2013, Josefine also ended fourth. In 2014 at the European 3D Archery Championships in Estonia, Josefine ended on a tenth place



Denmark 3D – 2015
Denmark Indoor 18m – 2011
Denmark 3D – 2010

Denmark 3D – 2013
Denmark 3D – 2011

Denmark 3D team – 2015
Denmark Indoor 18m hold – 2012
Denmark Indoor 18m – 2012


1st places

Muldvarpejagten – 2016
Møllejagten – 2016
Troldejagten – 2015
Roskilde – 2015
Aabenrå – 2015
Sorø – 2015

Dunbrody Archers’ 10th Anniversary, Ireland, Field – 2014
Haderslev 3D – 2014
Troldejagten 3D – 2014
Langsørunden 3D – 2014
Stora Skånska 3D jagt – 2013
Swedish Open 3D 2013
Danish Open 2012
Sorø 3D 2013
Palnatoke 3D 2013
Dyrehaven 3D 2013
Troldejagten 3D 2012
Frederiksborgpokalen 18m – 2012
Stora Skånska 3D Jakten – 2012
Danish Open 3D – 2012

2nd places

Dyrehaverunden – 2015
Haderslev 2015

–  3D – 2014
Norwegian Open 3D – 2014
Dyrehaverunden 2014
Nykøbing 3D 2014
Sorø 3D 2014
Danish Open 2013
Vejen 3D 2013
Langsørunden 3D – 2012
Herning 3D – 2012
Dyrehaverunden 3D – 2012

3rd places
Danish Open 2014
Palnatoke 3D 2014
Danish Open 2011
Sorø 3D 2013
Haderslev 3D 2013
Mammutjagt 3D 2012
Haderslev 3D 2012
Vinterskydning 18m – 2012


”Lokal bueskytte vinder DM i ny klasse”, Vanløse Bladet 2015

”Vanløse-skytte stiller op til VM”, Vanløse Bladet 2015

“Skød sig til tops”, Lokalavisen Vanløse 2012

På Besøg på dansk jagt- og skovmuseum

Stora Skanska 3D Jakten (2011) – It’s not the groundhog’s day today

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